Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yoga for winter, yoga for life

Yoga is my favorite form of exercise and something that I desire getting back into to get my blood flowing on these cold winter days. Yoga also centers my thoughts, get me back on track with my goals, and makes my body feel alive! Here are some delightful Etsy finds that remind me of how yoga is an important part of my life.

NAMASTE--7 little letters to honor the Spirit in you which is also in me
patchofsky - $45
This piece makes me want to smile. It is lively, colorful, and funky.

Breathe Card
darsidevine - $2.50
The blissful smile on the giraffe's face says it all! The colors are relaxing and natural.

King Pigeon Print
lindsaykristine - $20
These prints by lindsaykristine inspired this entire post. I love the flow of her watercolors and the spirit behind each pose. She really understands the breath work that is integral to yoga and it comes through in her paintings.

Chakra Crone
karhumoon - $95
This crone is the most balanced woman I know! Karhumoon's creation is simply exquisite and she also offers custom creations of these chakra folks.

Wrapped in Peace Skirt - Factory Silhouette
lalalenore - $85
This photograph captured me! What a happy feeling and a gorgeous skirt. Made of cotton and dyed using eco-friendly sustainably harvested dye materials. The red is in reference to the root chakra (see above!), the color of survival and rebirth.
Cheryl Lee Design Yoga Girl Earrings
Jeweliansun - $15
I love earrings. I mean loooove earrings. These are a great find, cute, colorful, and yoga-related.
Hemp Yogi Hoodie
consciousclothing - $85
I just want to wear this hoodie all the time and do yoga on these cold Maine days.
I hope you enjoyed my finds and I hope you do a little yoga today!
There were many more items that I wanted to include here.. check out my favorites to see some other great yogi items.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Constant Galore

My twin sister, Jamie, introduced me to Etsy a few years ago. I started out with a shop called Ribsmalone and featured my photography and cards. Random crafts and vintage finds started creeping into the shop and Jamie and I decided to start a second shop together that would showcase our ecclectic crafts and vintage goods. We decided on the name Constant Galore because we were constantly coming up with many different items to sell.

Yesterday I thought that I would jump on the blog bandwagon and pondered what name I would give my newest online venture. After much thought I decided that this blog was a reflection of the energy and work that goes into our Constant Galore Etsy shop, mixed in with my many other ventures in Constant Galore it is!

I invite you to browse our shop, which is a window into our colorful world, and see what you think of our twin power. There's certainly something for everyone including art quilts, scarves, jewelry, naughty chocolates, encaustic wall art, and more. Grab a cup of cocoa and enter Constant Galore.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I always said I'd never have a blog...

But the time has come.
I have been looking for a venue to unite all of my various ventures:

Ribsmalone - my photography shop on Etsy
Constant Galore - where the various craft products live that my twin Jamie and I create
Passion Parties - My favorite job ever! Now I have somewhere to yap about it
Sweetland Retreat - the artists' retreat Jamie, Brian, and I are starting in our home
Life in general - I have no link for that, but this blog will be that link now!

I look forward to sharing with you my artwork, crafts, home, ideas, and friendship!
Welcome to my corner of the world,
Joy Ribisi