Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mintbooks - Wedding favors

Oh hello there, my blog-lovin' friends! It's been a wee while since I've posted but there's very good reason... in April I got engaged and then on September 22nd we just got hitched! So I've been in wedding la-la land for ages, it seems like, but I'm back and ready to craft! And post more!

The good news is that with the wedding came a lot of new crafts... many of which I've been eager to share with you on my blog! So stay tuned for more posts!

Today's post is all about a very special project that was one of the first we created for our wedding. Mint Matchbooks or Mintbooks, as I like to call them. We made these way back in May and kept them right up until our wedding at the end of September. They were a huge hit at the reception. We also created some mini cake stands (which will be featured in another blog post coming up soon) that were part of the table decorations. We had these mintbooks on the stands at each table as an extra favor for each of our guests.

I'm now offering these mintbooks for special order in my Etsy shop! Customers can customize their mintbooks with their own names (and wedding date if they like!). Simply visit my shop listing and contact me if you'd like your own order (or leave a comment here).

Wedding crafting may have become an addiction for me...