Thursday, January 26, 2012

Etsy On Sale Starts Now

I've seen a lot of people trying Etsy On Sale lately and I thought I'd give it a whirl! I have posted my entire 
Paper, Arts, and Cards section on sale for 30% OFF!

Have a look around:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Vintage Finds

I've been having way too much find scouting out fabulous vintage finds for my etsy shop and even more fun photographing the finds. The most difficult thing is parting with them! But knowing they're going to a good home helps! Here are some recent finds:

Hope you've had as much looking as I've had hunting!
Click the links to visit my etsy shop to see more.
Check out my twin sister's etsy shop to see her paintings featured in most of these backgrounds.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Printable PDF Items and Giveaway

There's just something about checklists and fill in the blanks. Maybe it's a Virgo thing. Or maybe it's just the pure satisfaction of order, simplicity, and speed. Having a list of options right there before you and being able to move on quickly. I adore checklists. So I have started creating some printable PDF items which are now available in my etsy shop.

First up is this snarky little "While You Were Out" notecard -- perfect for the office, home, or dorm room. Have a little more fun in your cubicle by passing these notes on to your co-workers:

While You Were Out - Printable PDF available here.
If you've been following my blog you've probably noticed that I love sharing recipes. Naturally this recipe card was born. Perfectly bright and cheerful for the kitchen, also great for sending to a friend to share a meal from afar or bringing to a potluck pre-filled out with the recipe you're sharing that night:

Recipe Card - Printable PDF available here.

And now on to the FREE PRINTABLE PDF offer!
Simply comment on this blog with two things:
•Your favorite item in my etsy shop
•Your email address

and I will email you a free printable pdf of my "Things I Probably Shouldn't Forget To Do" list:

Who doesn't need a to-do list, right?
Get on it!

*Painted tins featured in the photo above are available from my sister's etsy shop:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Look is Posted!

Photo Credit: Krystal Kathleen Photography
The Dress to Impress project over at Well To Do You posted the look for today and Suz included my birch bark earrings! It's very exciting to see my creations in use and for such a great cause. Be sure to check out her blog and keep up to date with the daily looks posted for the month of January.

The very earrings donated to the project and shown above.
A recently sold pair

Another pair that are available in my etsy shop.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dress for Success!

All across the world Dress To Success programs are collecting clothing and accessories for women in economic need to help them thrive in work and life. You can connect with your local chapter here.

In Bangor, Maine one blogger is doing something extra special. Suz of is documenting how to make the most of one dress in your wardrobe by accessorizing in different ways. She has collected accessories and clothing from various retailers, crafters, and jewelry makers and will document her daily outfits for the month of January. She will be donating all of the items collected to the Dress For Success of Southern Maine chapter.  You can view the Dress To Impres section of her blog and keep up to date right here.

I am mailing out these birch bark earrings tomorrow. I think they will go nicely with the LL Bean dress and really pop on the outfit. Birch bark is also a fun way to bring nature to your earlobes, especially in Maine. I'm eager to see how she incorporates these earrings into her style and also eager for them to be donated to a woman in the program.

You can see a larger portion of my birch bark and other jewelry here and I will be adding more soon.

Check out your local chapter of Dress For Success and see how you can help.

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