Sunday, February 17, 2013

You've Got Mail...

Picture this... I was working at a company last year bringing in over $25,000 in revenue per month and for Christmas my boss gave me a tiny silver charm (no chain, even) that was a computer, circa 1993, that said "You've got mail"on the screen. I couldn't find an exact replica of the charm online and it was too strange in the moment that I didn't even take a photo of it. A strangely small token of appreciation for five years of hard work but... that's another reason why I'm not at that job anymore.

Anyway... so I had dinner with my friend Jennifer Lisa who is a jeweler and I showed her the charm. It was too comical. She offered to make it into something fabulous and I was all for the reconstruction project. Luckily, the charm was actually silver (kind of a shocker!) and she was able to transform it into a sweet little bee pendant. She even included a chain! 

Jen is a great friend... she later made the wedding bands for my wedding. I've blogged about her a few times but you know... you can never have enough of a good thing! Visit her website here: