Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wedding Decor

It's been three months since our wedding and I'm just now resurfacing enough to start posting some images of the big day! Having a backyard wedding was absolutely a dream!!!
Photographs are courtesy of our amazing friend and photograher Laurie O'Neil.

Our wedding cake was made by our friend Terri Lynn and it was AMAZING and delicious and more than we could have ever dreamed of. It's her special Swan Island Pound Cake... ooooh!
Cake Toppers: Han Solo and Princess Leia Pez People by artist Kelly Weingart of Spindleworks Studios in Brunswick, Maine.

I had the insane idea to made pickles and wine jelly for the guests. Making 100+ cans of goods was pretty tiresome for the bride-to-be to do at the end of a long summer of wedding planning, gardening, and more... but I'm so happy with our guests' reactions to the homemade favors. Well worth it. I would highly suggest having some good buddies on hand to help!

Thank the heavens for an amazing mother-in-law-to-be and bridesmaids and friends who helped sew about 100 yards of bunting! It was exactly what I was hoping the tent to look like and we were able to lighten our load of fabrics that my sister and I were hoarding for the last 15 years or so!

I turned an old suitcase into our card collection box. This was a fun and easy way to add some fun to the decor and to tie into our registry wish for a dream honeymoon fund!