Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Something new I've gotten into

Recently I've started working on a special little project for my boyfriend. Initially it was for a Valentine's Day gift but that holiday's come and gone. Then it was for his birthday (April was a few months ago...). Then I just figured it'd be an on-going project that one day I would present to him.

The project is a digital scrapbook. I'm a computer geek. I love the digital idea -- less mess to clean up, more nerding-on-the-computer time.

This is one of the page that I came up with. My saving grace was finding - they have a HUGE collection of beautiful digital scrapbooking supplies and tons of free options, too.

For those of you that like to get your fingers covered in glue and your scissors sharpened, I have some delights for you:

This is a collection of ephemera from my own Etsy shop: Constant Galore.

I look forward to my new venture in digital scrapbooking... as well as the good old fashioned paper style! Last year I participated in a scrapbook creation for my friend Carla's wedding. I was so pleased with my design and now I'm faced with the project of doing a new scrapbook page for our friend Brienne's wedding book! I'd better get to that...