Monday, January 7, 2013

Colors, leaves, weddings, and rings

Looking back at our wedding photographs I can hardly even believe that it was real. Time really does fly by the day of your wedding. We had so much fun (and many tears and frustration) planning the wedding and it's difficult to imagine that it's already passed. But, of course there is a huge beautiful future in front of us!

My sweet husband and me in our getups. Bryan got this gorgeous Robert Graham embroidered shirt on eBay! The hat is from a fabulous hat shop called Darling Delisle in Damariscotta, Maine.

Our custom made gold wedding bands were made by our good friend Jennifer Lisa of Quench Metalworks. Bryan's ring had a stamped bee on the inside, which is his nickname for me. *cute!*

We are in love!

Photographs are courtesy of our amazing friend and photograher Laurie O'Neil.

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  1. Photographs are courtesy of our amazing friend and photograher Laurie O'Neil.


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