Sunday, June 30, 2013

Recipe Card: Chive Blossom Butter

Growers of herbs know... chives are plentiful! But what is there to do with all of that bounty, especially those gorgeous chive blossoms? Whip 'em up into some butter! Chive blossom butter is great on baked potatoes, melted on top of steaks, used as a gourmet treat to your favorite breads, and so much more. Here's a simple recipe that I'm sure you'll love!

Pick blossoms at their optimal state: when they are bright, fresh, and have not seeded. Wash and dry your blossoms in cool water.

What you'll need:
Chive Blossoms
Food Processor (a blender should work well, too)
Jars/container to store

Simply pop those whole blossoms into your food processor and whip 'em up until nicely chopped. This part smells SO good! 

Cut up your stick(s) of softened butter so they whip evenly and easily with your blossoms. Whip until blended well. Using a soft spatula put your butter into containers of your choice. They can be stored in your freezer for up to a year until ready to use.

Other great blended butter ideas:
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...have fun experimenting! Share your recipes and ideas here!


  1. Sounds De-Lish!! I was trying to think of something to do with all my Garlic Scapes!!! :)

  2. Make garlic scape butter and then have a lobster bake or boil or whatever the hell you do with lobsters (I don't eat them but this idea sounds delicious).


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