Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recipe Scrapbook

For many years I've had this recipe scrapbook. I'd started it when I lived in Charleston, SC and soon after moved to New York and then to Maine... all along holding on to the book but losing sight of the project in mind. Last weekend I found myself awake early on a Saturday morning and digging through my pile of loose recipes, handwritten family recipes, and a piping hot cup of coffee. I grabbed some tape and decided that I would sit down right then and there and complete my project.

Complete my project? ...well maybe not. But I was able to put all of my loosy goosey recipes into the scrapbook and am determined to keep it up with new recipes over the years.

I had so much fun playing origami with my recipes and creating new ways to attach them to the pages. A little twine bow here, some more green tape there, and some idea clippings from my favorite magazines. Sure. 

And what fun it is and will be to unfold those recipes and re-discover ideas. The very next day I discovered Pinterest where I created a folder/file/whatevertheycallit for recipes. But I still love my handmade recipe scrapbook. Stains and all.


  1. This is so artistic and crafty. it looks really cool!

  2. Oh I love it! LOVE it. I have many recipes, old and new that I never thought of archiving beyond the cramped recesses of my junk drawer. Namely, because they get stained and otherwise unsightly, but this project has really given me a fresh perspective on it. I may give it a whirl. ::Adds recipe scrapbook to list of procrastination projects::

    1. YES! Give it a whirl!!!!! It just takes a couple quick minutes! It's an on-going project for me.


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